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(2020-present) • Collage “Here Comes The Sun” and self portrait “Blue Sky” has been published in @fromplutomagazine the second print issue “Endless Summer” • “Be the change” collage in Primavera zine Issue one  • Collage art “Dreamers” in We are Mosaic Magazine’s “Quarantine Culture” • Collage art used to launch @ourera first print issue “Community” • Self portrait published in the 3rd issue of Fever Dream Mag “Teenage Dream” • 4 Self portrait pieces published in Riot Grrrl zine @dollheartzine  • Film photography in Fever Dream Magazine’s 4th issue “Dear Visual Diary” • Collage x Self portrait “Pieces of Me” featured in Sunbow Zines 3rd print issue “Metamorphosis”

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